Education System in Paraguay - An Overview

Paraguay is a landlocked country in the South American Continent and shares borders with Argentina on the south-southwest, Brazil to the east-northeast and Bolivia to the northwest. Paraguay lies on the Paraguay River that runs across the country. It experiences a subtropical climate throughout the year.

According to the UNESCO’s education survey, almost every child in Paraguay completes his/her education up to 5th grade. Primary education is free of cost and the literacy rate is about 98%. Eventually, the dropout rate is higher in secondary education and in the universities.
According to the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI) Paraguay is fulfilling only 70.7% of what it should be fulfilling for the right to education based on the country's level of income.

Education Structure in Paraguay

The education in a child's life in Paraguay takes the following path:

Preschool Education
  • Age- 3 to 6
Elementary School
  • Age- 6 to 15
  • Grade- 1 to 9
High School
  • Age- 15 to 18
  • Grade: 10, 11 and 12
University Education

Formal, technical and vocational education in Paraguay exists through two main curriculum:
  • The “Bachilleratos Tecnicos” and 
  • The “Formacion Profesional Media”. 
The "Bachilleratos Tecnicos" lasts 3 years and leads to the “Bachiller Tecnico" which grants a direct access to tertiary education.
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